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ACDelco Advantage

The ACDelco Advantage Series car, truck, and marine batteries are economical, reliable, sealed, and maintenance free. The terminal design on the Advantage series line provides resistance to acid leaks, seepage, corrosion and black post, allowing the terminal posts to stay clean and corrosion-free on the shelf. They are monitored with dozens of quality-control checks to help provide ACDelco quality you expect, envelope separators are designed to help eliminate shorting and “corrode-through” to improve reliability and battery life, large reservoirs above the plates provide ample electrolyte reserve for maintenance-free performance. In addition, both positive and negative grids are lead/calcium alloy to maximize corrosion resistance, increase cycle life and reduce water consumption to improve battery durability.

ACDelco batteries must be kept in an upright position. Although the batteries have sealed covers and are maintenance free, it is possible for electrolyte to escape through the vent holes if the batteries are turned on their sides or tops.

ACDelco batteries are available for in-store pickup or local delivery only. Export and Wholesale orders can be shipped throughout the U.S. to a commercial address. ACDELCO BATTERIES ARE HAZARDOUS AND CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED BY TRUCK, NOT UPS OR POST OFFICE. To find the closest retailer go to www.acdelco.com or call 1-800-ACDELCO.

The replacement battery you use should equal or exceed original equipment cold cranking capacity. It may be required to retrofit cable ends from top to side terminal.

Battery Rating Definitions:

Cold Cranking Rating (CCA) (0 degrees Fahrenheit) is a long established rating used to describe battery high rate discharge capability at low temperature. It is the discharge load in amperes which a new, fully charged battery at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.8 degrees Celsius) can continuously deliver for 30 seconds and maintain terminal voltage equal to or higher than 1.20 volts per cell.

Cranking Amps (CA) (32 degrees Fahrenheit) is a rating newly recognized by BCI. It is sometimes referred to as Marine Cranking Amps at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or MCA at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the discharge load in amperes which a new, fully charged battery at 32 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0 degrees Celsius) can continuously deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a terminal voltage equal to or hier than 1.20 volts per cell.

Reserve Capacity (RC) is a rating which allows battery capabilities for sustaining such discharges to be compared. It is defined as the number of minutes which a new, fully charged battery at 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celsius) can be continuously discharged at 25 amperes and maintain a terminal voltage equal to or higher than 1.75 volts per cell.

Get Charged up With ACDELCO and Battery Sales!
Each battery is thoroughly tested to help ensure you’re provided with the ACDELCO quality you expect from all our parts. Our batteries are virtually maintenance-free and designed to resist corrosion. A battery is available to fit every season and most vehicle applications- car batteries, truck batteries, SUV batteries, boat batteries, RV batteries. With its ability to handle extremely high cranking loads, the ACDelco Heavy Duty battery is a perfect choice for big rigs and big pickup trucks. With a built-in “Green Eye” hydrometer on certain Professional Voyager Deep Cycle batteries, it makes telling when its time to recharge even easier.

ACDelco Battery Charging Tips:

  • Use proper terminal adaptors when required.
  • Charge rates of 10 amps and 15-16 volts usually work best.
  • Use Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) for sealed batteries and acid-specific gravity for filler cap batteries to confirm charge completion.
  • For detailed charging information, see Battery Charging & Testing Procedures in the Battery Library Link at the top of this page or give us a call toll free at 1-800-771-2288.