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Battery Sales USA, Inc. / Solar Sales USA, Inc. is proud to be a Master Distributor for Aims Power Inverters. The products listed in these pages are stocking items, if there is something you are looking for and not on these pages, please email for product pricing and availability. AIMS Power has been an industry leader in power inverter products since 2001. AIMS is your complete source for DC to AC power inverters. We strive to carry the most complete line of DC power inverters available today. The engineers work hard to make power inverters that meet a variety of customer needs.

Inverters for any application; commercial inverters, industrial inverters, consumer power inverters, and power inverters for cars and whole house inverters. AIMS power is an industry leader in DC power conversion, they are consistently developing innovative products for use in green energy applications and in mobile businesses around the globe. Specialty is DC to AC power inverters, the complete line of DC to AC inverters include; 12 Volt Power Inverters, 24 Volt Power inverters, and 48 Volt Power Inverters – available in Modified Sine Wave Inverters and Pure Sine Wave Inverters.

AIMS Power produces a complete line of modified sine wave power inverters and pure sine wave power inverters. In addition, there is a full line of power inverters with built in chargers and transfer switches. The inverter chargers can be used in 50Hz & 60Hz systems, the export power inverter line is perfect for the Caribbean Islands, South America, Central America, Africa, Europe, and Australian markets. Perfect for off-grid renewable energy applications.

Real World Applications for DC to AC Power Inverters: Inside a work truck to power computers, tools and other electronic equipment, Providing power on remote job sites, In off-grid cabins and sheds, Powering small devices, In industrial vehicles to power x-ray machines and large compressors, Power Inverters are commonly used for AC power in RVs and boats, For emergency back-up power in the home or office.