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Auto Meter Battery Testers

Auto Meter battery testers

For over 40 years Auto Meter has been recognized as a leader in quality automotive test equipment. Up-to-date surface mount technology provides miniaturization, precision and reliability in compact powered test equipment. Complete with hand held testers, automated heavy duty testers, truck & fleet testers, pocket testers, carbon pile testers, smart chargers and accessories, BATTERYSALES.COM is your complete source for Auto Meter products.

Battery Testing and Charging Equipment

Battery Sales is a retailer and wholesaler of all types of batteries and battery testers. We offer volume discounts on all batteries and battery testers, imports, and exports. We specialize in both wet and sealed types of batteries. Please feel free to give us a call any time. Start saving time and money with Battery Sales and explore our user-friendly battery website.

For a battery testers, battery load tester, charge analyzer or any other battery gauging device, choose one of the most trusted names in the industry – Auto Meter. We carry a terrific selection of Auto Meter battery testers equipment including battery load testers, charge system analyzers and temperature adapters to provide high-quality battery performance.

From basic Easy Reading 8-16 volt battery testers to an industrial digital battery load tester, we have a wide selection of battery tester equipment to test and maintain all types and sizes of batteries. Our stock of Auto Meter load and adapter testers are configured to handle 6-, 12- or 24-volt batteries.

If you already have a battery testers, we feature Auto Meter digital multi-meter probes and temperature adapters with 0-400-battery load tester volt capacity. For printed results of your battery’s system, choose the AC-14 or PR-15 Infrared printers that will print battery results directly from your Auto Meter testing device.

Battery professionals choose Auto Meter when they need to test and analyze batteries and we offer a variety of Auto Meter battery tester products.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service and superior products!