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NOCO Commercial Battery Boxes

Everything you need to store, relocate, and secure your batteries.

Battery Boxes help maximize the life of your battery. When a battery needs to be left outside or is exposed to water or other environmental elements the box creates a protective seal. This seal also protects against sunlight, rain, dirt, oil, and gasoline.

Why purchase NOCO battery boxes? Because all the battery enclosure boxes listed on this page meet USCG Code of Federal Regulations 183.420 and ABYCE E-10.7 specification and are perfect for: Automotive/Light Truck Applications, Industrial Applications, Agricultural Applications, Golf Cart Applications, Marine & Recreational Vehicle (RV) Applications, Commercial Applications, Wheelchair and Mobility Applications, Custom Car Applications, and Renewable Energy Applications.

Battery Boxes have two parts: the base & the lid. The base prevents batteries from shifting and collects any spilled acid. The lid allows for easy access to the batteries for maintenance or altering cable configurations. We offer boxes made from plastic (polypropylene and polyethylene) and aluminum. Aluminum boxes are popular with high performance vehicles, due to their light weight.

Some of the boxes also meet the National Fire Protection Association, Solar America Board, and the National Electric Code for Codes (NEC), Standards and Suggested Practices for Photovoltaic Application Articles 480, 690-71, 72, 73. The boxes that meet these requirements are the BOX-6VGC, BOX-DUAL-6VGC, and the BOX-DUAL-L16.