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Interacter Chargers

Interacter Battery Chargers

Interacter Battery Chargers

Manufacturer of the world’s best, fully automatic battery charger.

Interacter chargers are microprocessor controlled fully automatic battery chargers for all sealed valve regulated, gelled and liquid lead acid batteries. Voltage ranges from 6 to 48 volts, with DC outputs from 1 to 30 Amps. International voltages, custom designs and private label available. Features include:

  • Patented proportional timing for extended battery cycle life
  • Auto override timer that safely shuts down defective batteries & alerts the user
  • Battery Type switch to select the proper charge format for specific battery technologies
  • OEM component level controls for built in applications. Custom charge designs for all battery charging systems.

Because the battery is out of sight, it is also out of mind. Many people tend to forget about the importance battery until it dies. When a battery dies an v is very handy. Today, rechargeable batteries are very popular, but you must have a reliable charger in order to make sure the batteries are fully charged.

Typically, rechargeable batteries last a very long time because you can simply use the automatic battery charger to recharge them at any time. The automatic battery charger works well in situations such as leaving your lights on in your vehicle over night and in the morning when your car is dead because all the juice in the battery is drained. There was a time in older automobiles when jumper cables worked great; however, in the new car with the newer batteries jumping simply is not as effective as an automatic battery charger.

Of course, many of the old battery chargers meant the car battery had to be charged for at least 24 hours, which would be useless if you needed your car immediately. This is why the newer battery chargers offer a quicker charge so that you can be on your way in no time. In addition, many newer vehicles are being equipped with an automatic battery charger in the event you left your lights on all night long. The installed battery charger would keep the battery charged through the night so that when you get up in the morning, you can see how foolish you were to leave your lights on all night, but still be able to start your vehicle.

What is also a very nice feature to the automatic battery charger is you connect it and then forget it. This means it will not “overcharge” your battery. When it reaches its full potential, it will automatically stop the charge. Most of the newer chargers offer very quiet operation. Therefore, the charger is the best way in which to charge a dead battery that still has life left in it and died because of sitting for a long time, such as a car that has not been started for a month, or you leave the lights on inside the car overnight. The chargers for car batteries are made for lead-acid, flooded-lead, absorbed glass mat, and the Gel Cell variety of batteries.

Finally, it is a good idea to always keep an automatic battery charger in your garage or somewhere that is handy just in case your car ever should not start due to a uncharged battery, which of course can also be due to a bad alternator, but charging it will allow you to get the car to the mechanic to replace the alternator.