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Power King AGM Batteries

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Power King AGM Automotive and Commercial Batteries

Power King AGM batteries are designed and manufactured to the most stringent OE requirements in:

  • Cycling
  • Charge Acceptance
  • Staring Power
  • Service Life
  • Spill-proof
  • Maintenance Free

Applications: Start-Stop Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles, and Electric Vehicles, and more

  • Power King AGM Batteries are available today!
  • Power King AGM Group 24F for Asian import vehicles – Toyota, Honda, Etc.
  • Power King AGM Group 34 for Chrysler and GM vehicles.
  • Power King AGM Group 65 for Ford vehicles
  • Power King AGM Group 78 for GM vehicles
  • Power King AGM Group H6, H7, and H8 for European imports – VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and late model North American luxury cars and trucks.
  • Power King AGM Group 31 (Threaded Stud “s” or SAE post “P”) for commercial trucks
  • Power King AGM Group 4D or 8D – wide variety of deep cycle or starting applications
  • Power King AGM Group GC2 for 6Volt deep cycle applications – solar, marine, renewable energy, golf cart, etc.

The battery is at the heart of the Start-Stop system and we will see an increasing demand for batteries that can perform to their requirements. Power King AGM batteries deliver the power, cycling, and longevity needed in these applications.

AGM Technology (Absorbent glass mat) is the key to today’s most advanced lea acid batteries. They have glass fleece separators, like a layer of thick wrap, holds the battery’s acid around the positive grid. They have Tight-fitting components to reduce vibration and exert uniform, high pressure on the block of plates. AGM batteries are spill-proof and delivers extreme cycle life and high energy throughput.

Consumers want fuel efficiency but don’t want it to compromise vehicle performance. In Europe, the leading global market for Start-Stop vehicles, satisfaction is high: 91 % of Start-Stop vehicle owners will likely purchase such a vehicle again and 78% purchased Start-Stop vehicles for fuel savings. In the U.S., consumers are looking for fuel-saving technologies: 97% say they’re ready for Start-Stop technology, 51% would choose a Start-Stop vehicle for its fuel cost savings, and More than 30% would pay over $500 for a Start-Stop functionality.

Start-Stop Applications; Battery Needs:

  • Requires more robust battery to carry electrical loads during idle and handle more frequent engine starts
  • Increased cycling
  • Deeper discharge
  • Performance when partially charged
  • Dynamic charge acceptance

Power King AGM Batteries: Available Today and Engineered for Tomorrow.