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Battery Sales USA carries Schumacher battery chargers, the next generation of battery maintenance, experience, innovation, and excellence.


Since 1947, Schumacher Electric Corporation has been leading change and driving performance to exceed its customers’ expectations. Engineered patent-pending technologies and award-winning marketing makes Schumacher the brand of choice for Battery Chargers. Schumacher’s legacy is its commitment to quality and exceptional customer service. Schumacher brings experience, innovation and excellence to the next generation of battery maintenance… the #1 name in battery chargers around the world.

Automotive Battery Charger

Don Schumacher’s Stardust Barracuda
Stardust Barracuda

Schumacher Electric’s world famous automotive battery charger line has set a standard that other manufactures have vigorously been trying to reach. We offer the most comprehensive and complete line of chargers for lawn & garden appliances, motorcycles, rugged ATVs, compact sedans, heavy duty trucks, RVs, and commercial/fleet vehicles.

Schumacher Electric has dedicated its vast resources and knowledge to satisfy whatever the situation calls for. From our compact trickle chargers, that can effectively charge the smallest and most delicate 6V batteries, to our heavy duty wheel charges, which power the world’s largest vehicles; Schumacher Electric has you covered.

Agricultural/Fleet Battery Charger

Schumacher has created an expanded line of battery chargers with special features for you, our rural customers. Schumacher now has five Farm and Ranch models of battery chargers that can handle any and all charging needs of farmers and ranchers alike – from trickle charging to immediate engine starts. For 6 and 12 volt applications – ATV through combines – the line of Schumacher Electric’s chargers has more market specific features and benefits than anyone else.

Marine Battery Charger

Man doesn’t live by bread alone. That’s why Schumacher continues to broaden its product base in the marine battery charger category. Our Ship ’N Shore line of battery chargers line continues to grow. We’ve introduced two of our high-frequency SpeedCharge® chargers to this line, as well as a dual-bank charger for those needs, where more than one battery needs charging at the same time. Get “on-board” with Schumacher.

Power Sports Battery Charger

Schumacher’s low amperage chargers are the ideal way to maintain the battery life of your ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, or any other Power Sports vehicle. This line is perfect for those who may be storing their vehicle away in the off-season, who go short distances while riding, or for those who perform a lot of stop-and-go driving. The trickle charge line is a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts who know the importance of keeping their grown-up toys topped off and ready for action. The Power Sports market demands attention. Schumacher noticed, and we created the ultimate trickle charge line to help you enjoy Power Sports for a longer and stronger period of time