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Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

AGM is the acronym for Absorbed Glass Mat. The plates inside these batteries have sponge-like separators and they absorb the acid so that there is no free flowing liquid inside. The batteries can withstand the charge and recharge cycles of deep cycle applications such as Electronics, UPS, Alarm, Emergency Light, Telecom, Solar, and Renewable Energy. Some manufactures of Absorbed Glass Mat batteries have designed their batteries to also have a strong cranking performance such as Odyssey Battery and Optima Battery. These batteries are best suited for Automotive, Marine, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

AGM Battery Benefits

  • Purer and thicker lead plates
  • Fluid retention making them nonspillable and safe for travel
  • High specific power or power density, holding roughly 1.5X the AH capacity of flooded batteries
  • Low internal resistance allowing them to be charged and discharged quite rapidly
  • Depth of discharge for optimal performance is up to 80% while flooded batteries can only be rated up to 50% depth of discharge
  • Water conservation – never requires addition of water
  • Acid encapsulation in the matting
  • Operation well below 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C
  • Availability of UL, DOT, CE, Coast Guard, and Mil-Spec approved types
  • Vibration resistant
Battery BrandApplications
Lifeline BatteriesMarine, Renewable Energy
Odyssey BatteriesAutomotive, Commercial, Marine, Motorcycle, Power sports
Optima BatteriesAutomotive, Commercial, Marine
Panasonic BatteriesAlarm, Emergency Light, Special Application, UPS Backup, Wheelchair
Power King BatteriesAutomotive, Commercial
Power Sonic BatteriesAlarm, Emergency Light, Renewable Energy, Special Application, Telecom, UPS Backup, Wheelchair
U.S. BatteryMarine, Renewable Energy, Sweeper Scrubber, Special Application
Yuasa SLA BatteriesAlarm, Emergency Light, Medical Equipment, Special Application, UPS Backup, Wheelchair