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Battery Sales is now carrying the NOCO Genius line of battery chargers. The NOCO Genius is a smart, 8-step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger. The smart charging process allows faster battery charging and restores batteries to their original capacity. Charge and maintain marine batteries from 25-230Ah. Compact lightweight design, easy to install and fit into tight locations. Safety features include: reverse polarity, short-circuit, open-circuit, over-temperature, over-charging, spark proof and ignition protected. NOCO Genius chargers meets ISO 8846 marine standards and US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410 and FCC 15 Part A& B Compliant.

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  • Advanced 8-Step Charger:The NOCO Genius is an 8-step, fully automatic, switch mode battery charger with a proprietary charge algorithm, which automatically diagnoses the condition of your battery charges when needed, recovers your battery to its original capacity and maintains your battery when not in use.
  • 90% energy efficient(HF/HE):Our High-Frequency, high-efficiency (HF/HE) Battery Chargers are 90% efficient. Why is that important? Because the higher the efficiency, the lower the power loss, which means a smaller and more versatile charger that requires less space and energy.

  • Rapid Charging Technology (RCT):Each NOCO Genius charger comes with Rapid Charging Technology programmed inside. Our smart microprocessor and advanced high-frequency design charges batteries 2X faster than traditional linear marine battery chargers. Faster charging means less time recharging your batteries and more time on your boat.
  • Variable Input Compensated (VIC):Rarely are AC line voltages at 120 VAC. Whether you are at a motel, a dock, or even using a long extension cord, AC line voltages will vary. With variable input compensation, the NOCO Genius charger always delivers a 100% charge to your batteries. Without Variable Input Compensation, other battery chargers lose power and under-charge your batteries, or not at all. Some chargers, when the VAC is above 120, will over-charge your batteries and cause permanent damage. Rest assured, our charges automatically adjust to varying AC line voltages. Now that’s smart!
  • Made in the USA:Designed and manufactured in the USA. With a research and development facility in Arizona and manufacturing facility in Ohio, NOCO has the ability to consistently produce the highest quality and the lowest return in the industry.
  • Fully Interactive, MCU Controlled
  • Safely Charges Wet, Gel, MF & AGM Batteries
  • Designed for safety, Protects against user errors
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Fully sealed for harsh environments
  • Stage 1 & 2 – Diagnose and Test

    Checks the battery voltage to make sure battery connections are good and battery is in a stable condition.

  • Stage 3 – Soft Start

    Begins battery charging process with a gentle charge

  • Stage 4 – Bulk Charge

    Begins Bulk battery charging process, returns 80% of battery capacity and voltage to 14.0 volt.

  • Stage 5 – Absorption Charge

    Switches to a constant current charge rate to bring your batteries close to 90% charge.

  • Stage 6 – Taper Charge

    Charges at low current levels until battery has reached 95% of its capacity.

  • Stage 7 – Top-off Charge

    Charger initiates top-off charge to bring the battery to 100% charge.

  • Stage 8 – 24 hour

    Shuts off, but constantly monitors your battery by providing a gentle charge every 24 hours for maximum battery life.

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