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Applications: Safety Compliance Manufacturer: Enersys Weight: 22 LBs Volts: NA V AMPs or Watts: NA
Description: FLEXware ICS Plus PV rapid shutdown package for FM100 SystemEdge packages. Compatibilityy with up to six strings of Pvsource circuits. Includes one FWPV6-FH600-SDA shutdown box, one RSI, and one power supply. (Fuses sold seperately) Series: FLEXware Length: 16 IN Width: 20 Height: 5
Specification Sheet

Detailed Description: FLEXware ICS Plus is the first end-to-end solution listed to UL 1741 with photovoltaic rapid shutdown systems (PVRSS) for both battery-based and grid-direct solar systems. This solution meets the following 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) requirements: NEC 690.11—Arc fault protection (protects against arc faults due to loose connections, damaged wires or other DC component failures), NEC 690.12—Rapid shutdown (provides a means for first responders to safely de-energize controlled conductors), NEC 690.15—DC combiner disconnect (opens all ungrounded circuit conductors from all sources of power). The FLEXware ICS Plus is rated to 600VDC for integration in a wide range of systems and designed for ease of service and clean wire management. Packaged systems include easy-to-order, complete solutions for battery-based systems requiring one, two or four combiner boxes, while individual components can be ordered for alternative system needs, including use with grid-direct PV inverters. When used with OutBack power conversion and energy storage components, the system will represent the only single-brand UL and NEC-compliant solution from rooftop to battery.

Weight 22 lbs



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